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Food continues to annoy

At a certain point you'd assume people would figure out what you can and can't eat. Fancy sandwiches not something I've ever eaten in two years of corporate lunches. Ranch - typically includes yogurt, something that doesn't agree with me. Any bread other than sourdough - typically has dairy, again something that doesn't agree with me.

I'd originally planned on bringing leftovers today but I forgot. I also today decided to draw the line at picking chicken breast out of a chicken caesar salad sandwich on sourdough. The only edible part where ranch dressing could be wiped off of was the chicken. For me that's too much work for something to eat.

Answer? Foraging one's own food at a local Indian restaurant. Bringing the ToGo food back to the meeting and then eating during the presentation. Rude? Maybe. But better than me biting off a coworker's head due to being hungry.


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