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Had to happen sometime...
I'm about to cheat on the tableware setting I thought I'd have forever. (Heck I've had some of the pieces since my twelfth birthday).
Original Dishes

You've read about this Dansk setting in Mooflyfoof's post about China. It's a lovely setting. I loved it and thought I'd never stray from it, until today.

Today we finally started the task of creating a registry. Merrily, unaware of what was about to happen, I went searching for open stock. The Dansk page came up empty. Naively, I went page by page to see if it was mismarked but somehow available online at the store (I really didn't want to go into the store - that would be wayyy too much temptation.) And... then it happened. My eyes feasted upon this lovely setting from Noritake. I could have been strong. I could have resisted the temptation. But no... I didn't. No, what did I do instead? I *shared* the temptation with cubes! 
 Dishes that Scream Us

A quick IM to cubes and we *knew.* These dishes screamed *us.* Yep, we're not being practical or frugal. We already have 7 somewhat incomplete, inconsistent Dansk place settings.

I've tried to keep this blog free from wedding posts, but felt I should come clean to friends that I too fell prey to the lure of new dinnerware. I could justify this by saying the current place settings may go to a really good home (a home we all know and love), but who am I kidding. On this day of all days - Earth Day - I decided that I don't want to be practical or environmentally conscious. I like the idea of a set of dishes that we picked together.


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