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Amateur Hour

Everyone knows I dislike people on bicycles. For the most part, they're rude; they think they're better than everyone (they're saving the world by biking to work instead of driving a car); they think rules (like traffic laws) don't apply to them.

Last year a man on a bicycle knocked me to the road in a crosswalk (spraining my knee), picked up his bike and rode off.

Today two men on bicycles rode against traffic at full speed through the construction barricades at the corner of Valencia and 16th. The path through the barricades is tight-there's not much room between the construction and the traffic. There's not enough room for a pedestrian waiting for the light to change and the handlebars of a bicycle. Today while waiting for the sign to cross a bicycle turning left from Valencia onto 16th cut through the barricade. I'd been watching for traffic coming to the left and twisted my ankle as the bike hit me. I caught myself from falling by clutching the barricade and avoided getting hit by the second bike by swinging my purse and connecting with the rider's head. He wisely decided to ride his bike in the traffic lane instead of through the barricade. Other than to call me a B - neither paused, apologized, or asked if I was ok.

I do not understand why you people who ride bicycles to work are so rude and so careless. I know there are a few people out there on bikes who are considerate and watch out for pedestrians. But those few don't make up for the rest. Today, looking forward to walking on my swollen ankle I hate all bicycles. I also issue a warning to all-ride close to me and I won't look to see if you'll avoid hitting me, I will swing my purse at you first. I'm tired of getting hurt by your bikes.


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Oh no! That really sucks. :( Some people are just inconsiderate assholes, plain and simple. I wonder if that counts as hit and run. That said, I think the vast majority of cyclists are reasonably considerate. It's just that the ones that aren't make a big impression. Don't judge everyone who rides a bike based on the actions of a few (the same could be said of any group). Regardless, I'm sorry that you got hurt and that people such fucking dicks about it.

It does count as hit and run. The cops said that with a bike it's almost impossible to track down the person as unlike cars they don't have clearly visible license plates and the riders are more transformable (different clothes/haircuts/hats/etc) than vehicles.

I just think I just need to head out to BART earlier/later when it's not peak commute times. Both cases where I've been mowed down have been bicyclists rushing to catch a BART train. The few aggressive bicyclists are definitely making the case for me to stay in my car. And... I do know that when I return from the playa this year I will be driving 100% until our wedding and *only* walking with groups. I wasn't excited that I couldn't wear heels for Ames', Helen's, Steve's, and Bri's bachelor/bachelorette event due to last year's bike hit & run. I *know* I would have a bridal meltdown (we have stairs at our ceremony/reception hall) if I was hurt for our wedding.

its funny... as a *pedestrian* your carbon foot-print is way lower

i regularly see bicycles running the light in front of our office and almost creaming peds as they head across the street.

however as entitled and smug s they come off as a group, IAW heather, most bicyclists are _way_ more considerate...its just the aggressive, reckless 10% that stand out.

and frankly being divisive only entrenches people in their camps more... and allows people to excuse their own poor behavior.

the bicycling community at large needs to be reminded sternly, but calmly to slow down, and look out. As much as your on the losings end of conflicts with drivers...peds are on the losings end of conflicts with you.

Re: One less fixie

I will agree that I really enjoy the bicyclists who on Market/Gough upon seeing me with my right turn signal on go to my left so that I can still turn right on red. I enjoy bicyclists who seeing a car pull up to make a right turn at a light, inch forward so that I can turn. They're few, but I'm constantly amazed and always wave and mouth thank you when I encounter them.

I guess my luck is that I'm in areas where bicyclists are rushing to BART (Walnut Creek when I got knocked down in the cross-walk as well as this morning).

I think we all as a community - motorists, bicyclists, and pedestrians - need to stand up for safer roads. Bike lanes don't help. Share the road applies to cars & bikes. I know that bicyclists don't want to get hit by cars so when they feel they need to turn to the sidewalks/crosswalks for safety, if they could share those spaces with pedestrians I (and others) would be very appreciative.

I disagree that bike lanes don't help; when driving home I intentionally try to take roads with bike lanes so I know where the commute bikers will be - everyone is more predictable and it's safer for both driver & biker. I also notice that bikers in bike lanes tend to follow the rules of the road more too, however unscientific that statement is: I see more waiting for lights and hand signals and general watching out.

It makes me angry when I see bikers not being careful around pedestrians (especially riding on sidewalks and crosswalks where they shouldn't be) in the same way it makes me angry to see cars not watch out for bikes or doing stupid stuff like parking in the bike lane or cutting off a bike during a right turn; these are all dangerous. Share the road etc etc.

Sorry you encountered some assholes today :/

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