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Ideas for DIY Wedding Favors

I'm addicted to all things wedding or DIY at the moment. So of course our wedding favors would be a DIY project. We've had two different ideas - at two different points in time - about what they should be. First we thought a cellophane pouch with two fortune cookies (the art piece at Burning Man on which my fiance worked last year and at which he proposed had a fortune cookie dispenser).

Then we thought a booklet with some of our favorite recipes as cooking and eating out are two activities that have been and are central to our life. My inspiration for our cook booklet came from my background as an events photographer. One of the services I offered clients was a Mini Photobook that included shots or collages from an event with quotes or well wishes from the guests. In "small" quantities these albums were cost effective. For example, 20-3.75" x 2.5" 20-page, softcover, stapled booklets was roughly $61 (

Our guest list - like most couple's - is going to drive many decisions. Right now it looks as if it's going to be somewhere between 100 and 150. So, not thinking about the longevity of the item and only looking at budget, this makes fortune cookies the clear choice. 350 fortune cookies with 4 personalized messages run $67 - $54 for the cookies ( and $13 for the cellophane bags ( The cook booklet is more attractive for a keepsake but possibly too much for our budget - for 100 guests we'd be looking at $339 and for 150 guests we'd be looking at just under $600.

Maybe we still get 10 cook booklets - 6 for our wedding party, 1 for my parents, 2 for his parents, and 1 for us.

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The cook-booklets will be a lovely lovely keepsake, very personal. I agree that it's a lot of $$ for everyone, but for the wedding party & close family is a good choice.

Love the fortune cookies.

Thank you for your comments. We may have found a way that we can do the cook booklets for everyone. Now to get helpers to assist with "proofing" the recipes.

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