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Blending Present with the Past

Growing up I spent hours flipping through my mother's cookbooks. I remember her light blue Joy of Cooking cookbook, her Time Life Foods of the World cookbook series, an Adventures in Cooking cookbook, a Jello cookbook, and more. I also spent many an afternoon talking with my Aunt Mary about cooking. Her collection included Chinese, Wok, Fondue, and Wine themed cookbooks. When I graduated high school I received pamphlets from my Grandmother along with an old (now it's called vintage) Oster Blender.

Cooking is a big part of my life and my relationship with Cubes. In the search for one-of-a-kind table decorations, I thought of stacking vintage cookbooks on the silver-plated trays that my Grandmother and mom found. While some vintage cookbooks/pamphlets are cheap, I discovered that I wanted to include those cookbooks I remembered from my childhood. I also decided that I wanted to include some of Cubes's mom's cookbooks. I might not decorate every table with cookbooks, but the scavenger hunt will be fun!

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A couple of birthdays ago, my parents gave me a reprinted version of one of my favorite cookbooks from my childhood. It was Betty Crocker's Cooky Book. I never actually made many of the cookies in it (maybe 2 or 3 recipes) but I remember loving flipping through all the pages and looking at the pictures of pretty cookies. I really appreciated that gift. :)

That's an awesome gift! My aunt gave me two of her cookbooks and the wok she and my gram used to cook with for a graduation present. Your photo set of the cookware that you got from your Aunt ( got me thinking vintage platters and cookbooks for our reception. For our guestbook, we're going to have a scrapbook (with glue sticks and silver/gold metallic pens) that we'd like guests to add their favorite handwritten or printed recipe to. For those that don't cook, they can look through the cookbooks at the venue or tell us their favorite dish.

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